Brush System

A Revolution in Wafer Cleaning Technology

High-resolution rendering of the TC-23™ PVA Brush System, highlighting its cutting-edge PVA technology for superior wafer cleaning in semiconductor manufacturing.

The first PVA brush design innovation in over 20 years

The TechCore PVA Brush System maximizes the efficiency of DI water and cleaning chemistries, revolutionizing the wafer cleaning process.

With the TechCore PVA brush, you'll witness a significant reduction in contaminating particles, translating to less break-in time, minimized wafer defects and significantly increased wafer production yields. The optimized fluid distribution delivers even cleaning performance and superior purging of contaminants.

The patent pending design of the TechCore PVA brush reduces DI water and chemistries usage up to 47% , uses 70% less PVA than standard brushes resulting in fewer residual PVA particles.

Increased Yields 70% Less PVA 47% Less DI Water Less Break In Time Eco Friendly

TechCore PVA Brush System

  • Less PVA
  • Low level of contaminants
  • Accelerated brush break-in
  • Fluids flows exclusively through nodule
  • Reduces DI and Chemistries usage
  • Minimized environmental footprint

*Colors are for illustrative purposes only

Industry-Standard Brush

conventional Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) brush, the industry-standard design for wafer cleaning, showcasing its traditional structure and components.
  • Thick PVA Body
  • High level of contaminates
  • Long break-in
  • Undirected waterflow
  • High water usage
  • Significant environmental impact

Join the sample program for qualification samples of the TechCore PVA Brush System.

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