Fluid Distribution

Standard Brush

Standard PVA brushes suffer from unregulated fluid flow, causing the entire PVA body to become saturated.

As a result, water exits primarily through the outer wall of the brush, rendering the central body ineffective for wafer cleaning.

This loss of fluid through the PVA body leads to insufficient fluids flow on the nodules' surface, reducing its ability to flush out trapped contaminants.

Standard brush showing fluid loss through body

TC-23™ showing fluid directed through nodules

TC-23™ PVA Brush System

The TC-23™ is specifically engineered to optimize fluid flow, volume, and direction for effective wafer cleaning and contaminant removal.

By enclosing the PVA within plastic rails and limiting fluid contact to the cleaning nodules, fluid can only exit directly through these nodules, enhancing on the cleaning process while purging particles.

Internal channels within the nodules create a direct and unobstructed pathway for fluid to reach the tip of the nodule, where it interfaces with the wafer.

This unique design surpasses any other brush currently available in the market.

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Download the TC-23™ Data Sheet for Comprehensive Information on Advanced Run-Out Tests, Nodule Surface Analysis, and More!

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DI Water and Cleaning Chemistries Distribution Pattern

This distribution test shows the relative amount of fluids coming from each section of the brush. The TC-23™ brushes have optimized fluid delivery across the length of the brush, resulting in virtually even distribution leading to better cleaning of the wafer, better purging of nodule contaminates while drastically reducing expensive fluid usage.

Standard Brush

Observe the uneven waterflow pattern across the standard PVA brush, as depicted in the DI Water and Cleaning Chemistries Distribution Test. These irregularities in fluid distribution can lead to areas with insufficient water, posing a risk of damage to the wafer and subsequently reducing yields.

TC-23™ PVA Brush System

Standard PVA Brush

TC-23™ PVA Brush System

The TC-23 brush achieves remarkably even water distribution along the entire length of the brush. This optimized fluid flow ensures consistent and effective cleaning of the wafer, superior purging of nodule contaminates, and, notably, a substantial reduction in costly fluid usage.

Standard Brush VS TC-23™

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